Crescendo Masters Edition


A complete musical notation system


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Simply and efficiently write musical notation with the program Crescendo Masters Edition.

Perfect for composing original works or to transcribe existing ones, Crescendo Masters Edition puts at your disposal all the necessary tools to add notes, keys, clefs, and all kinds of notation to sheet music. All of this using a system so intuitive that anyone can write complex music without wasting time learning how to use the software. To write music, simply select a musical symbol with a click of the mouse and place it on the staff with a second click.

Thanks to its sheet music import system, Crescendo Master Edition is just as useful for editing existing works as it is for creating new ones. But its most interesting feature would be its integrated midi player, which allows you to listen to the melody being created at any time.

Perfect for everyone from novice music writers to experts, Crescendo Masters Edition is an essential tool for anyone interested in the art of music composition.
By Erika Okumura
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